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Modern design, in line with global trends, implementation of highest quality materials, contemporary construction methods, professional project management and efficiency are the foundations of Deka inzenjering.

Established in 2011 to offer a new quality of living space to the market of Serbia and Belgrade, Deka gives priority to all elements of environmentally friendly building in its projects.


Deka Inženjering is currently developing a number of projects. The largest is a residential and business complex of 137,000m2 at Block 67A in New Belgrade.

The project design made by Zapp, a leading architectural bureau, foresees a residential and business complex with 799 apartments, retail space and commercial building.

The complex lies in the most attractive zone of New Belgrade, at the corner of Jurija Gagarina street and Omladinskih Brigada street, about 800m from the Sava River, opposite the Delta City shopping centre and near the commercial centres of Airport City, Raiffeisen Bank, Belgrade Office Park, West End and others. It has an excellent transport network in the wide boulevards of New Belgrade and is just a few minutes from the Ada Bridge and E-75 highway.


On the corner of Juri Gagarin and Omladinskih brigada streets in New Belgrade, a residential and commercial complex is being built with 799 apartments, retail space and commercial building.

Insisting on global trends, "all in one place" and pursuing a policy of constant development towards a better quality of life, the complex will use environmentally friendly materials, modern and efficient building systems, and will have commercial facilities close by in line with the requirements of a modern lifestyle.

The leading Belgrade architectural bureau ZAPP has designed the project for the residential and commercial complex in Block 67A that satisfies the demands of a modern lifestyle, following global trends in city design. Striking facades, modern organisational structure and fine materials make this project one of the most attractive in the region.

Tebodin doo, a Belgrade engineering consulting company, was entrusted with managing the construction of ABlok. This prestigious project is one of Tebodin's most notable references in Serbia.

Established in the Netherlands seventy years ago, Tebodin Consultants & Engineers is an independent, international company with more than 5,000 employees in over fifty offices worldwide. Tebodin offers clients a high level of expertise in the field of engineering consulting, combined with a good knowledge of local conditions. This creates the conditions for the successful execution of projects, large and small, simple and complex. Competent and qualified personnel successfully follow the latest trends in modern engineering practice, a field in rapid development.

In over 10 years of operation on the domestic market, Tebodin has placed itself among the major engineering companies, whose clients are the most important international companies in a broad range of market sectors.

All works on the construction of the ABlok complex have been entrusted to the distinguished construction company Exing, which has demonstrated a high level of expertise and professionalism in constructing some of the largest projects in Serbia, such as the Hotel Kragujevac, Delta City in Belgrade and Podgorica, the buildings 5V and 5G - Stepa Stepanović, the residential and business complex Danube terraces and the Crown Plaza Hotel.

There are 350 to 400 workers on the ABlok construction site every day, while more than 20 engineers and supervisors inspect the work carried out. Exing applies the most advanced practices in construction, standardised through ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 180001 (occupational health and safety) certificates.

Maintenance of Block 67a has been entrusted to the leader in the facility management industry, the Belgrade company CITY FACILITY, which maintains and manages residential and commercial units in over 350 buildings in Serbia.

ABlok is a building of high-quality construction that requires proper maintenance of its technical equipment, green areas, garages, hygiene and security. CITY FACILITY also ensures coordination with public enterprises and services, current and investment maintenance planning, monitoring the work of common services and managing resources on the property.

The main task of CITY FACILITY is to ensure that such a high level of service ensures that the investment value of ABlok loses nothing over time but rather gains in price. Tenants and offices have in CITY FACILITY a quality provider of facility services, and in DEKA Inženjering a reliable business partner who understands the efforts of investors to provide maximum quality of housing and business operations at the facility.

A renowned company David Pajić DAKA is responsible for installing and servicing the elevators in the ABlok housing complex.

The company was established in 1947 and has produced over 40,000 elevators since then. In addition to classical design DAKA has included a modern design in its offer, supported by a wide range of materials for interiors. Modernisation has introduced a new way of controlling elevators – the modular microprocessor control system, based on the latest technological developments and components with low power consumption.

A variety of electrical, hydraulic, freight and home elevators, moving walkways and escalators has been designed to the high demands of customers. A qualified team of employees provides services of design, installation, consulting and maintenance of all types of elevators.

A Block has enabled us to set new standards in the construction of residential and commercial facilities at the Belgrade market. After the final construction at the end of 2018, this modern complex will be situated on 140 thousand square meters gross.

"It is time for a healthy competition to reflect itself on the sector of design and engineering and the quality to become the most important precondition,” said by Dušica Gaković and Nebojsa Vasilić, executives in charge of developing project A Blok for magazine Diplomacy & Commerce."

The complete interview can be read at the link below:
Diplomacy & Commerce

At the moment the project is drafted for A Block Business Zone. Start of construction is planned for next year.

We successfully completed the sale of 799 apartments in a residential and business complex A Block.
Moving-in in Phase 3 is planned for August 2017.

Retail space is offered in Shopping Zone Phase 3 areas of 80 - 440m². Purpose of the property is from commercial content to the service sector.

Deka Inženjering in the middle of this year participated in the competition for urban and architectural design of Block 18, where out of 18 participants was awarded with our work being purchased.

The solution consisted of 400.000m² housing, 300.000m² central business district and office space, as well as 50.000m² public buildings (kindergartens, schools, cultural centers, building of a new city opera).

Another 230 families successfully occupied their apartments 3 months before the scheduled deadline. Company City Facility was chosen for maintenance, take care of the complex and its tenants needs, which successfully carries out the work in A Block more than a year.

Based on the construction permit number: IX – 20 br. 351. 11 – 16/2015, from 12.02.2016. the construction of the third phase of the residential - business complex A Blok has started. The development consists of 6 strips with 273 apartments and retail space of 3700 m² designed for wide range of activities.Construction planed to end in August 2017. Sale of apartments and stores is in progress.

Development of the project design for phase 3 of the residential and commercial complex ABlok is under way. New buildings are characterised by large glass surfaces, green gardens on terraces, reception, panoramic elevators and attractive duplexes on the top floors. The 3rd phase envisages construction of a square, a closed park and more shops that will enrich the complex with their activities and commercial facilities offered in the resort. The conceptual designs of apartments and shops are available in the show room on site.

150 families have moved into ABlok in the first month. Handover of the apartments has been running without a hitch, while the Exing professional team is at the disposal to the tenants for all their requirements. City Facility is responsible for maintaining the complex and has taken over caring for the needs of tenants with great responsibility.
Tenants are continuously moving in.

Based on the Decision on Building Permit IX - 20 no. 351. 11 - 1/2015, works began on the second phase of construction of the residential and business complex ABlok. The project design of the second phase envisages 7 buildings with 230 apartments and 13 shops. The deadline for completion is spring 2016. The investor Deka Inženjering d.o.o, after successful completion of the first phase, continued its collaboration with Exing which is carrying out the works. Sale of the new apartments is under way, while the works are progressing at an enviable pace. The same distinctive quality and affordable price are also present in this new construction phase.

The first phase of the residential and business complex ABlok was completed successfully three months before the deadline. Construction began last spring, with 1 July 2015 as the envisaged deadline for completion of works. This extraordinarily efficient execution of the project will allow future tenants of ABlok to move in already in the first week of April. 8 buildings, 296 apartments and 27 shops were built in the first phase. Works on arranging green areas in the atrium of the complex, as well as internal roads within the block were completed. Public LED lighting was installed.

The ABlok Residential and office complex in New Belgrade is in the final works on the facade on the first phase buildings. The facade is characterised by innovation, and compliance with the parameters of green building. Much of the facade is covered with panels from the Austrian manufacturer FunderMax that guarantee durability, unchanging appearance and ventilation. Part of it is coated with tiling of Dutch ceramics from Vandersanden Bricks and acrylic paint over reinforced plasterwork. The combined facades and quality of materials makes the ABlok complex one of the most attractive projects in the region.

Attractive new building in New Belgrade - ABlok offers apartments of all structures, with especially exclusive penthouses on retracted floors. The apartments are characterised by top quality equipment with a focus on the Villeroy & Boch programme and aluminium - wood joinery systems from the renowned Italian manufacturer Profilati. Property ranges from 24 to 152 m2.

The Belgrade company Exing was selected as best bidder in a tender that brought together seven prominent companies with a reputation in construction projects of residential and commercial complexes in Belgrade and Serbia. The key elements for selecting the Deka Inženjering expert team were: previous references, the price offered and the deadline for completion. With over 160 employees, more than 20 years of experience and close to 100 completed projects in Serbia, Exing has in recent years taken a leading position and demonstrated a high level of expertise and commitment in the business of large-scale construction projects.

Based on the Decision on Building Permit for preparatory works IX-20 no. 351.72-8/2013, preparatory work began on Block 67a in New Belgrade. Fencing the site and preparing the ground for the construction are already under way. The works are performed by the Belgrade company Exing.

The well-known Dutch project management company Tebodin that is managing the construction of the complex in Block 67A on behalf of Deka Inženjering, has published a tender for selection of the main contractor. The main criteria for selection of the company that will build the first phase of the complex are: references, completed projects, applied quality standards, price offered and the willingness to work in shifts. The tender was open only to preselected companies that could provide both the quality construction references and the necessary financial conditions to work on such a project.

The well-known Belgrade design company ZAPP, which made the preliminary design of Block 67A, has completed the first phase of the main design consisting of 297 apartments and 27 shops. Below the residential buildings there will be an underground garage with 248 parking spaces with 90 parking spaces planned outside at ground floor level. Apartments of a variety of structures, from studios to four-bedroom apartments, are divided into 8 architectural volumes.

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